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Our Chimes are tuned and always sing in Rhythm



Hollow metal windchimes are very popular as Feng Shui remedies. They allow Chi to rise upwards bringing happiness and good luck to the household. Working in harmony with air movements, they are highly beneficial when placed in the west or north west sectors of your home as these are the metal areas. The west also represents children so metal windchimes in this location will help provide you with children if that is what you want. The northwest governs networking aspirations and mentors. A metal windchime there will attract such people to you. Metal also activates the north (water) sector which governs career. Windchimes here will help you to advance in your chosen profession.

Effective in removing bad Chi, windchimes can be placed to overcome several defects. If your front door is on the sunless YIN side, hang wind chimes near it to stimulate positive SHENG QI. Their gentle song is a sign that stagmant  QI is being activated.

Wind chimes also slow down QI if it travels too quickly thru a house. For example a front door directly facing a back door means QI will run straight thru without having a chance to circulate around your house, bringing prosperity and opportunity. Windchimes hanging just inside the front door will help remedy the situation. To counteract the ill effect of 3 doors in a line, hang wind chimes in the middle one.


Working in harmony with air movements, the tinking song of wind chimes also acts as a subtle alarm to let you know when someone is coming.

The number of rods you have in your windchimes depends whether you are using windchimes to suppress bad luck of a specific corner or structure or as a FENG-SHUI energizing and enhancing tool. To enhance luck use six or eight rods. To suppress bad luck use five rods.

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