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The Kaleidoscope’s fascination is timeless and its intrigue universal. This optical phenomenon was first encased in one small tube and given a name in 1816 by Sir David Brewster. Since then, it has served as a toy for children, a parlour entertainment for adults and a design palette for artists, jewelers, architects, weavers and any profession in which ornamental patterns are required. It has retained an element of magic, the promise of surprise and has always inspired a sense of wonder. A scintillating ornament of art itself, you can change the image as often as you like but you never know what is coming next. The interchanging colors meld and merge, capricious patterns shift and fuse, vanishing – only to reappear, rewoven from an earlier web, new beauty and symmetry over and over again.


By its very stillness and quite, the experience of kaleidoscope viewing helps reduce stress and promotes tranquil reflection. Some physicians, dentists, and psychiatrists keep scopes in their waiting rooms to help relive patient anxiety. Lawyers have been known to keep them on hand for relieving stress among contentious clients.             

Therapists use scopes in working with hyperactive children and the elderly. It is virtually impossible to harbor negative thoughts or feelings while looking into a kaleidoscope. One of the most significant facets of a Kaleidoscope is that of a metaphor. “EACH LIFE IS A KALEIDOSCOPE”. Changing patterns , changing concepts, changing colors rearrange themselves with perfect harmony and balance evolving into a multifaceted perspective. The kaleidoscope’s ability to soothe and stimulate at the same time makes it a perfect tool for balance. 


Each kaleidoscope sings its own song and empowers moments of solitude. With calm and glory, it lets you feel your own happiness, reminding you that beauty shines forth from within, providing music and poetry for the eyes and recharging the spirit. KALEIDOSCOPIC MANDALA IMAGES are calming, refreshing and being nonverbal, allow everyone to find in a dynamic way the colors, patterns, moods and images that are most pleasing to them, expressive of their inner desires and wishes. To fully perceive and appreciate its splendour, spend a few minutes a day gazing into a kaleidoscope with a ‘LISTENING EYE’, open the windows of your mind and soul – be led to the source of all light – the DIVINE BEING. 

Transforming imagination and energizing creativity, kaleidoscopes express a universal celebration of happiness and “WOW” is the verbal burst of applause worldwide. No other object offers such a complete spectrum of delight as does the kaleidoscope. So relax and enjoy this intrigue and magic; Soon you too will acclaim WOW.

Kaleidoscope have colored stained glass pieces using lenses and First Surface Mirrors. This results in a very clear and sharp image. These come in red Boxes or a Pine Wood Box costing Rs. 100/- extra.

    Courier charges & Taxes as relevant.